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For your ears: Stellardrone

I’m going to do something a little bit different on this science blog; I’m going to give you music to listen to! It might not be the latest news from Fermi, but it I think it’s an important tool regardless.

Whenever I’m reading, stargazing, or doing any sort of mental activity that has to do with science and discovery, I like to have a little ambience. So I present to you the artist Stellardrone.

You can guess by the name that the musician has some cosmic themes, and that they do. Take a look at the most recent album from Stellardrone, titled Light Years. The cover features a time lapse of a starry night as stars rotate around the celestial pole. On the album are such songs as “Red Giant”, “Comet Halley”, and “Ultra Deep Field”. The song “Eternity” even features some narration from Carl Sagan.

Listening to the songs puts me in the mood to look into a telescope or read a science fiction novel. Stellardrone succeeds in creating ambience fitting of outer space. I even use some of the music in Uncertainty Principle, too, as the music is in creative commons, and it is quite fitting for the topics of discussion in the podcast (listen to the podcast by clicking the Podcast link on the top of the website).

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this music as much as I do, and maybe it will add some ambience to your life.


Be sure to visit Stellardrone at

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