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If you were beginning to be worried that science would not make it’s Back to the Future-set deadline of 2015 for the invention of hoverboards, fear no longer! Hendo Hover has developed the world’s first ever hoverboard! But don’t get out your wallets just yet. The hoverboard isn’t available for purchase at this time. Hendo has only made a prototype as of right now, and it is limited to certain surfaces. The hope is that they will design boards that can travel on any surface, but in the meantime, Hendo is busy crowd-funding a Hoverpark where their boards can travel.

In the meantime, Hendo has launched a Kickstarter campaign (which has, as of writing this, met its goal) where you can donate money toward their project. They also have ten hoverboards to give to particularly heavy donators (a measly $10,000.) Hopefully, with enough funding, we can all get ourselves a board at a cheaper price that can travel anywhere.

Hendo also has what they call a Whitebox, which is a small and cheap box with the same hover technology imbedded in it. Their hope is to get this out to developers who will come up with uses for the hover technology they haven’t even thought of.

Truly amazing things can be done with technology, and stuff like this has much broader utility than just gliding from place to place. It’s important that we keep in mind the strides that we are making on a daily basis that could change the way we live.

You can support Hendo’s project on Kickstarter.

Images courtesy of Hendo’s Kickstarter page

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