About You Can Science

You Can Science is a website dedicated to educating the world about science by providing news, knowledge, and resources related to all STEM fields. This website is built to bring science to a broader community, and to provide updates on discoveries and accomplishments within the scientific community as they happen. We hope to learn great things with you!


About the Authors:

Daniel James Barker

10497132_10204873127372100_8076221356642518095_oDaniel is the founder of You Can Science, and also the producer of a science podcast called Uncertainty Principle, which this website hosts. He is currently an undergrad studying physics, and hopes to go on to obtain a PhD in physics or cosmology. He is also an artist by hobby, enjoys looking at the stars, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. He lives in Saint Paul, MN.

Shane Loeffler

ShaneShane is a confused combination of geologist/astronomer and enjoys getting people excited about the world around them. He holds a degree in Geology from the University of Minnesota Duluth and has completed research on a wide range of topics ranging from Earth’s climate, to caves on the Moon, to the infrared properties of nearby galaxies. Currently he is part of a team developing a mobile app that brings Earth’s geology to your smartphone. In his hobbies he is a stereotypical geologist: an OK rock climber who enjoys biking, hiking, and beer.

photo credit: Amy Myrbo


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