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Microcosmos – bugs are aliens that are here

To me, one of the more incredible feelings in the world is to notice the astonishing detail and wonder of a thing that previously felt totally familiar and mundane.


Bugs bring this feeling.

Bugs are so everywhere that it’s legitimately annoying. They haul around diseases and inject them into us via dirty itchy syringe, they decide to die in your glass of water or get stuck twitching in your dinner, some of them are terrifying, even poisonous. But zoom in and pay a bit of attention to them and the hunt for alien life in outer space starts to seem to be missing the point. The aliens are here and they have us surrounded.

If you want to mainline an appreciation for bugs I don’t think there is any better way than watching a 20-year-old documentary called Microcosmos. It’s not educational per se; there’s no narration or story, it’s simply incredible filming of bugs being bugs in a meadow in France.

It’s worth the full HD purchase (or torrent, if you’re so inclined) but here’s a link I’ve used many times to remind myself of the little universes around us every day.

Microcosmos everyone, the epitome of art in my weird confused opinion.

Find it here!

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