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Science Fiction Friday: The Last Job on Earth by Moth Collective

The Last Job on Earth, by Moth Collective, envisions the possible negative effects of a world where machines have taken over our jobs. This is a very real fear for some people, as automation is becoming more and more a standard practice.

Personally, I think that an automated future is much more promising than this short film makes it out to be. In the end, humans control the machines (until we make artificial intelligence), and we can always choose to make work for ourselves. Consider the refrigerator. Before its invention, you could have a job as an ice farmer. Those jobs disappeared, but they were replaced by refrigerator salespeople, mechanics, and designers. Jobs exist today that we did not even imagine would exist a hundred years ago.

Also consider that once we have the mundane automated – the resource collecting, the waste management, the construction – we could move our focuses elsewhere, to science, art, history, space exploration. Anyway, this is a huge discussion to be had and being had in the world right now, so I’ll leave my own opinions at that.


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