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SciFiFriday: They’re Made out of Meat

Here’s a new thing that You Can Science will be doing: Science Fiction Fridays! Every Friday we will introduce you to some unique, interesting, or thought-provoking science fiction short.

This week: “They’re Made out of Meat”.

Above is a movie adaptation of the short story, but the original is a literary work by Terry Bisson which you can read here!

The story surrounds two aliens who meet (see what I did there?) to discuss initial reconnoissance of Earth and the species that live here. They discover that humans, and many other species I suspect, are made out of meat! They then have to make a decision as to whether or not to make contact…

I’ll let the story speak for itself, but I think it’s an interesting thought experiment on how different other living beings in the galaxy might be from us. Enjoy.

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