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The Tutoring Excellence of Khan Academy

What started out as a series of tutoring videos for his relatives, came Sal Khan’s immensely successful – in both popularity, and results – tutoring website, Khan Academy. Not to mention that it is absolutely free.

My first run-in with Khan Academy came while I was struggling with calculus in college. It offers easy to understand video lectures (such as the one below), as well as practice problems to help you get acquainted with a particular subject.

And it isn’t only for undergraduates. You can learn anything from basic addition to multivariable calculus on your own time. And Sal hasn’t stopped at just mathematics. The website also includes an ever-increasing number of other topics such as physics, chemistry, astronomy, history, economics, computer science and more.

My positive experience with the website was not just my own. Sal lectures in this TEDtalk about the positive impacts of his website, and teaching methods related to it.

This really is a contribution to education that I can only hope the internet will see more of in the coming years. It brings us one step closer to free world-class education, and represents what an education really is for: knowledge.

Be sure to visit to learn something new, and download the Apple or Google Play app to discover on the go.

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