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Watch: Wanderers

Art plays a vital role in visualizing the future and far off cosmic places. Our imagination can take us far but is still limited by experience. Do you find yourself wondering what a solar system populated by humans would look like? Wanderers, a science fiction short film by Erik Wernquist, takes us on that journey.

Wanderers is a visually stunning short film about an imagined future where humans have spread out across the planets. It visualizes what such a future would look like, with cities on asteroids, space elevators, and imaginary space craft. Wernquist uses real concepts and actual locations in the solar system, making it true, hard science fiction. Everything in this film is well within the realm of possibility.

Wernquist also published an explanatory gallery, where he explains what precisely is going on in some of the scenes. It’s a journey to a Jupiter-lit Europa sky, a flight through the clouds of Saturn, and a dive into an “asteroid terrarium.” Oh, and it features narration from Carl Sagan; champion of the human future in space.


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